Flooring 4 4-19-08
Flooring 10 4-19-08
Lumber 3 4-18-08

Restoration of the Mill is an arduous task but the Foundation is busy year round with the process

mill bill 2 11-17-06DATE:  November 17, 2006

ITEM:  Mill bills- The tool was used for dressing the grinding stone.
DATE ACQUIRED:  Lee Length found these two mill bills on October 25, 2006 in the basement of the Motor Mill.  They were located on the ledge on the downstream side of the mill above the river side water exit hole. Lee was cleaning the mud and silt that has built up over the years and found these two tools buried in the mud.


Lumber 6 4-18-08

Motor Mill Window Project a Success

The Motor Mill Foundation in April of 2007 began a fund drive to replace the 38 windows in the mill.  After some research they found a gentleman who would manufacture the 12 light windows for $54 each or $108 total for each window opening.  This, along with the wood framing, other materials and transportation costs, the Foundation requested a $200 donation for each window. 

The drive started in April and by the middle of August all the money was raised to complete the project.  In September the order for the windows has been placed and we hope to have them installed by winter.

The Motor Mill Foundation would like to thank all of the donors for this tremendous gift in helping move the project forward. 

The following is a list of donors for the Motor Mill Window Project:

Les and Mary Klink
Renee Klink
Harold and Beverly Klink
Fred and Ila Mae Fenchel
Doug and Cheryl Klink
Douglas and Marcella Klink
IMO Ernie and Dorothy Klink
Harold and Deanna Krambeer
Garnavillo Historical Society
Russell and Juanita Loven
Michael E. and Suzanne C Stoeffler
Russell and Steffany Engler
Joseph H and Kathryn A. Ulrich
John F. and Susan L. Kroenecke
Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation
Roger and Betty Buchholz
Clara Swan and Daryl Braxvoort